San Mar Exists today
to provide appropriate
structure, healthy
nurture and abundant opportunities to children and youth in need that they may become productive members of society tomorrow.

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Become a Foster Parent. Transform a life.

The San Mar Treatment Foster Care program exists to serve hurting children by connecting them with safe and caring families like your own. Working together as a team, we can make a lasting impact in their lives.

The children we serve have suffered all forms of physical and emotional maltreatment, sexual abuse and neglect which has resulted in significant harm to the child’s health, development and dignity. For these reasons there are children who cannot live with their families. Treatment Foster Care at San Mar thoughtfully places children in foster homes where they can realize there is a safe place in the world for them. In that place, they will find the stability, structure and loving guidance they need.

One of our foster parents recently said after an especially emotional and trying week, “I think about where he would be if he were not here with our family…and I know I want him here.” Another foster mother spoke with heartfelt conviction, “We are committed to our foster child and will work through the difficulties we face with him.” Both of these families deal with many challenging behaviors from their foster children. They are two of our remarkable foster parents, who impact the lives of these children on a daily basis, facing new trials with patience and understanding with the support of our dedicated staff.

If this tugs at your heart and you want to help hurting children, please call Joel Bowers at 301.733.9067 ext 234.