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Henry & Florence Graff Life Readiness Academy

It is the intention of San Mar for each girl to be afforded a main stream education in the public school system whenever possible. When such participation is not possible or feasible due to either academic problems or behavioral difficulties, the girl is then educated in San Mar's on-grounds school program. San Mar is licensed by the Maryland State Department of Education as a Type III School. Girls in the program receive individual attention to their educational and behavioral needs.

Jack Barr Therapeutic Group HomeThe San Mar Treatment Foster Care
Program for boys and girls

In 1991, San Mar was licensed by the Department of Human Resources as a Licensed Child Placement Agency. Shortly thereafter, a program of Treatment Foster Care was begun as a means of initially providing nurturing and caring homes to girls no longer needing the high level of structure provided by the group home. This quickly expanded to serve both boys, and younger girls who had never been in residential care. San Mar recruits, trains, licenses, supports, and encourages families willing to open their home and share their family with a child in need.

Download the Treatment Foster Care brochure here

The San Mar Adoption Program

Attention: Parents considering adoption or in the process of adoption!

San Mar will work closely with other adoption agencies to complete home studies.

If you have begun your adoption process with another agency you may remain with that agency for the entire process. Waiting for a home study to be completed for either a domestic or an international adoption can be quite a delay. We are able to work with you and your agency to complete that study in a timely manner.

Contact our adoption program for specifics.