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Christmas Angel

Christmas always means wonderful stories for San Mar Children’s Home. Here is a note from one of our children to one of you.

“I just wanna give thanks to God for sending an angel in my life tonight . . . As most of you know I am in a group home and I don’t have my own family to spend Christmas with so this lady takes me and my roommates . . . out to dinner at Longhorn restaurant (which is really costly) but any way she wanted to pay for our dinner unknowingly the manager of the restaurant didn’t charge me or my two roommates. . . Then they gave us a cake and said “Merry Christmas” we added that up and it would have been at least $100. After that our angel takes us to the mall and gives us each $100 to spend on ourselves . . . I can truly say God has blessed me tonight. I wanna say thank you so much to my angel. And don’t you worry you have a blessing coming your way."

~ San Mar Resident


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