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Requirements for becoming a foster parent

San Mar Treatment Foster Care Providers must agree to comply with all foster family approval regulations as specified in the Maryland Code of Regulations. These include:

  • Criminal background investigations on all persons living in the home over the age of 18 (San Mar will provide this service to you at no expense)

  • Four written references

  • Physicals are required on all family members prior to certification and every two years thereafter. Persons must have a tuberculosis test each time they have a physical. (San Mar does not cover the cost of these physicals)

  • Fire Marshal Inspection of Home - initially, any time a family changes their residence or when program staff have a concern regarding a potentially hazardous looking area in the home

  • Environmental Health Approval of Water and Septic Systems. (If you have public water and sewer service, there is no cost. If you have a well and a septic system, families will need to pay for these inspections)

  • Proof of Home and Auto Insurance

  • Current vaccines for all pets

  • Having an operable vehicle and telephone system

  • Completion of CPR and First Aid training

  • Both parents must complete 30 hours of pre-service training (Pre-Service training is completed on an individual basis for families. Sessions are scheduled at your convenience)

  • Both parents must complete 24 hours of training annually at a rate of two hours per month. San Mar offers a wide range of options that will fulfill this requirement.

  • Foster Parents are required to demonstrate that they are not dependent on the income received to meet their own needs

  • A non-certified copy of the driving record of any person in the household who will be transporting the foster child in a motor vehicle.